JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center locates at 141-143 Le Thi Rieng St., District 1 is the first and only brand of JW Plastic Surgery Center (Korea). We have the best specialists in Korean Rhinoplasty within Vietnam S-line rhinoplasty is the technique that can lift up a nose while giving it the natural curve. This is the latest technology of Korea that is only available at JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center. This is operated by our doctors who are well-trained at Korea. This rhinoplasty technology has the main points: First, the nose has to have the natural S curve. 3 important points in order to create S curve is the point between eyebrow, point between 2 canthi and the nose tip. Those 3 points will create the natural S curve which is the curve of Korean nose.

Second, the nose tip in Sline Rhinoplasty technology has to be grafted fully by autologus cartilage. The autologus cartilage can be nasal cartilage, rib cartilage, ear cartilage. While taking out those cartilage, the doctor will create the nose tip shape in order to make the nose tip becomes neat, long and the triangle nostrils just like Korean nose style. The differences between Sline Rhinoplasty and Rhinoplasty in Vietnam :

Rhinoplasty in VNSline Rhinoplast in Korea
Artificial cartilage is used 100%Autologus cartilages are mainly combined
>95% of nose tip is artificial cartilage>95% of nose tip is autologus cartilage
Nose tip is still short and upturned afterNose tip are high and long
Nose tip is bigNose tip has A shape
Nose bridge is high without having any curveNose bridge has natural Sline
Nostrils are often largeNostrils are tight
Unable to shape the rough nasal bonesAble to reduce the rough nasal bones
Unable to fix big nose tip caseAble to make the big nose tip become neat
The nose looks tough and unnaturalThe nose looks soft and natural

After taking specialized course at Korea about Sline Rhinoplasty, our doctor had found the differences of technology between current rhinoplasty in Vietnam and Korean rhinoplasty, and also via practical surgeries for Vietnamese customers, our doctors realized that the nose of Vietnamese people also have some differences that only Vietnamese doctor can understand in order to improve the technique. Where and which doctor are best for Sline rhinoplasty? JW Korean Plastic Surgery center is the most trusted brand of JW Plastic Surgery Center in Vietnam. We have the official co-operation with famous JW Plastic Surgery Center in Seoul – Korea and our team of doctors are well-known in Vietnam as well as they are trained in Korea for plastic surgery. Our clinic warranties 100% of rhinoplasty surgery followed the quality transfer from Korean partner, 100% nasal implant are imported directly from Korea with the best quality.


M.D Nguyen Phan Tu Dung is the first surgeon in Vietnam had learnt about Sline rhinoplasty from M.D Man Koon Suh  – director of JW Plastic Surgery Center (Korea). After taking the course, now, M.D Nguyen Phan Tu Dung had done many cases of latest rhinoplasty technology which is called Sline rhinoplasty. Sline rhinoplasty currently is the most perfect rhinoplasty technology



Hundreds of customer attended the Sline for Vietnamese topic held by M.D Man Koon Suh and M.D Nguyen Phan Tu Dung at New World Hotel, HCMC

With the clear warranty policy, our customers will feel secured with their decision.

Most updated photo of Sline Rhinoplasty in Vietnam


Before: nose bridge is low, nose tip is short and low. After: nose bridge is lift up higher with natural look, nose tip is neat and longer than before. This patient has done eyelid plasty and rhinoplasty at the same time.

Before: nose bridge is short, nose tip is upturned. After: nose bridge has the natural high and curve, nose tip is long and round. This customer has the rough nasal bone, the surgeon reduced the nasal bone before lifting the nose bridge

Customer Tr.  has done rhinoplasty for 3 years. She wasn’t happy with it because her nose is too short, nose tip is hump and especially, her nose bridge has come out clearly. After coming to JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center, doctor did the new Sline rhinoplasty with Megaderm graft technology. Her nose is grafted by autologus cartilage at 1/3 part of nose tip; 2/3 part of nose bridge is grafted by artificial cartilage but on the top of the artificial cartilage layer, the surgeon used Megaderm layer to cover. After surgery, she is really happy with the new nose which has the natural look with the soft curve, nose tip is long, nostril are tight and her nose bridge is no longer come out

Picture of A shape nostril. In order to have the neat nose tip with A shape, plastic surgeon needs to shape the nose tip and graft the autologus cartilage completely. Besides, plastic surgeon also needs to have the anesthetic eyes in order to pick up the suitable nose shape which can be harmony with customer’s facial shape.   Currently there are many advertisements on the market claimed that they have the co-operation with Vietnam branch of JW Korea. We reconfirm that we are the one and only representative of JW Korea in Gangnam – Korea. We hope our customers will do carefully research in order to have the best decision. For inquiry and further information, please kindly contact us: JW Korean Plastic Surgery Center The one and only brand of JW Plastic Surgery Center in VN 1st office:  141 – 143 Lê Thị Riêng, P.Bến Thành, Q.1, TP.HCM 2nd Officer:  336 Phạm Văn Thuận, P.Thống Nhất, TP.Biên Hòa, Đồng Nai Tel: (08) 6683 2222 – (08) 2237 4567 Hotline: 09. 6868. 1111 – 09. 6868. 2222 – 09. 6869. 2222 Email: thammyvienhanquoc@gmail.com Web: thammyhanquoc.vn  –  thammyhanquoc.com.vn Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ThamMyHanQuocJW